Friday July 8, 2016 – Brisbane, Australia

The independent, global and practical conference on Mycoplasma in poultry, answering YOUR questions!

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It is a great pleasure for us to announce the 2nd International Symposium on Poultry Mycoplasmas, a continuation of successful meetings we organized in Antwerp, Belgium.

Progress in science and transfer of knowledge towards practical application relies heavily on exchange of information between people working and interested in the same research areas.  The application of these findings in the field relies on a two way communication of problems and solutions. The intention of this symposium is to provide a focus for colleagues wanting to look at, and engage with, the bigger scientific pictures. This has been the main motivation for us in organizing this next meeting.

Changes in legislation, husbandry and vaccines continue to have a high impact on the incidence and severity of mycoplasmas infections in poultry.

The overall purpose of the symposium is to provide a timely focus on the biology, diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of mycoplasma infections in poultry during a time of great scientific and technical innovation.  Asian focus will be prominent.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Brisbane on July 2016 at the end of the IOM conference (Same venue – an additional day at the end of the IOM).  http://iom2016.com/

The Vetworks Team


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